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Katie Scott Design: Our Renewal

Katie Scott Design: Our Renewal

Katie Scott Design, your source for spiritual jewelry, clothing, home decor and more, is back with new and improved products. Our designer Katie is excited to tell you about these new additions to our collections that bring positive emotions into your or a loved one’s everyday life. Style your soul with our newest items and gifts!

You ask, we listen

Communication is key, and change is the solution. We asked our customers what we can improve on, took your advice and put it into
action. I am super excited to tell you about what’s new!

Lower Price Points and Premium Quality

What does everyone do today? We hunt value! This is what we’re offering! While staying true to our premium taste and quality, we are now selling our products to customers at affordable prices. You are going to love what you see!

Design Jewelry at a Giftable Price

So you love our meaningful jewelry but your budget doesn’t allow for extravagant gifting. Do not fear, we are here! Our new jewelry items are inspirational, chic, fun and affordable! You wanted it all, we are giving you our all!

We’ve Stocked Up

Yes, yes, yes, patience is a virtue, but we do understand instant gratification! We stocked up on inventory so we are now prepared to satisfy your wants! Shop and receive right away!

We Broadened Our Product Offerings

You asked for more products and now you are making my dreams come true. My vision has always included a diversified product offering to represent a lifestyle brand. Your push ignited this dream into action! Wait until you feel our super soft and light inspirational t-shirts and our super soft 100% baby alpaca prayer blankets. Wait until you smell our super luxurious prayer candles. Now, who is ready to experience a slice of heaven?

New Prayer Blankets

Our luxurious and super chic prayer blanket is not just a blanket. It provides warmth and a soft touch that wraps around your body and comforts you while reading the beautiful prayer that is sewn on the inside. When you hold the jeweled inspirational attachment at the end of the blanket, you are literally holding your intentions and manifesting your prayer into God’s hands.

Inspiration T-Shirts with New Designs

Our inspirational t-shirts are incredibly soft, light and super chic but they are not just tees. The
messaging and art are reminders to live soulfully. We all need constant reminders. Remember, think and be.

Prayer Candles For the Home

Our prayer candle, although incredibly rich in scent, is not just a beautiful candle. It comes with a special prayer, so your intentions can be guided and the complimentary box of matches reads, Ignite Your Soul, which is a call for you to literally strike your intentions into prayerful action by lifting them up to God.

Our Products are Healing and Inspire a Call to Action

Talk is cheap, action is the new word! Our products are designed to tell a story and inspire a call to action. Although we may sell a star charm, it is not just a star charm. It is your truth that you need to be reminded of: Look how the stars shine for you. Come on people, shine! Although we sell a charm that looks like a silver ball, it’s not just a silver
ball charm, it is momentum! It is your reminder to put your words into action and get the ball rolling! Don’t stop, keep moving!

Enrich Your Spiritual Lifestyle

Listen, we all love beauty and fashion, what is there to not love? It’s fun and exciting! But, what if we can deliver beauty, fashion, fun, excitement and meaning into your life! We are reversing the perception of what a “luxury” brand once stood for, the new luxury is living rich in spirit and full of love! Please join the KS Krewe and help us spread hope, healing and purpose into the world…in a chic way of course!



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