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New Collection: Spiritual Gifts For Cancer Patients Benefitting Susan G. Komen®

New Collection: Spiritual Gifts For Cancer Patients Benefitting Susan G. Komen®

Meaningful Gifts for Cancer Patients

Katie Scott Design is very excited to announce that we have released a collection of products benefitting breast cancer foundation Susan G. Komen®. Susan G. Komen’s mission to end breast cancer through research, advocacy and community is very close to Katie’s heart. A personal experience led Katie to design these beautiful products for cancer patients who may be in need of hope, strength and comfort. Thoughtfully created as wonderful gifts for cancer patients, our newest collection includes jewelry charms, prayer blankets, tees and a scented candle that will allow you to support the fight against breast cancer.

New Susan G. Komen Prayer Blankets

May our Hope Prayer Blanket cover your heart with God’s peace and strength.

Hope Prayer Candle

May our Hope Prayer Candle illuminate your special intentions and radiate hope during your treatments.

Radiate Hope Tee

May our Hope Tee Shirt be your armor of protection with positive reinforcement that nourishes your mind with faith, courage and hope.

Susan G. Komen Inspiration Charms

May our Inspiration Charms serve as personal tokens and affirmations of positive emotions and powerful thoughts.

Here’s more from Katie on what inspired her to design this collection:

I am incredibly honored to have an opportunity to join forces with Susan G. Koman. Their knowledge and expertise in the fight against breast cancer, partnered with our products that are designed to bring emotional and spiritual healing is the perfect prescription for women who are battling cancer. We become our thoughts, and all things are possible to those who believe.

This year, my father-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of 83. Doctors determined that he was strong enough to tolerate treating his cancer with full force, otherwise he would not survive. Stanton, my husband, would go to his hometown of Shreveport, LA as often as he could to give his dad love and support during his chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Stanton began to recognize that every time his father had a treatment, his father would complain to him about being extremely cold.

During this same time period, I was diversifying our product offerings and working on the development and prototype for a premium prayer blanket. This is when the idea ignited! Stanton called me from the car with his high energy ramped up to the highest degree. He was talking very excited and loud and said, “Katie, I am just leaving the hospital with my dad, but I have a great idea! Cancer patients need our prayer blanket! My dad is always complaining about how cold he is during treatments AND this is a time when you need to use your faith as well. It’s the perfect combination for patients…warmth, comfort and faith. I am going to call the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation because we should partner with them to use our products for cancer patients and donate a percentage of the proceeds back to the foundation. I am going to call them as soon as I get back in town!”

I knew it was an amazing idea, but the designer in me immediately said, “That is an awesome idea, but let’s wait until I get my prototype back from the manufacturer so we have something to show them.” Stanton, who runs a mile a minute, responded back to me, “Wait??? No, we are not waiting! The time is now. I am calling them when I return and I am going to pitch the idea!”

I did try to reason with him one more time, asking him to wait until we had a sample in our hand, but if you know Stanton, you know there is no such thing as waiting.

God is always trailblazing, but will you use your spiritual vision to follow?

I was reflecting one morning during meditation after my mom reminded me of something. She said to me, “Katie, do you remember how you would hear the word ‘cancer’ being pressed on your heart and you would always question what that was about? Maybe this is what God was referencing, your designs helping cancer patients.”

I sat comfortably and I started to go back in time, in my mind. I began to recall a very specific moment that is documented in my book, Let It Be. I quickly stood up and I went to grab a copy of my book to look for this one specific entry. It is dated 10/31/09 and the title of the page is, “I AM always with you, wherever you are.” The entry is referencing my survival after I had a major internal bleed. I had lost 17 pints of blood (which is equivalent to a body and half) and, I miraculously survived. What caught my attention was this one specific paragraph I wrote, referencing a pink breast cancer awareness tennis ball.

Yesterday, I was staring at a stack of medical bills that have been growing on my desk. Ugghhhhhhhhhh, more to add to my already existing large load. I could not help but feel disappointment. I knew I needed a pep talk. As I walked out of the side door, I stumbled upon a pink tennis ball that my girls had been playing with. I picked it up so no one would trip – I looked at the ball intently and saw the word “HOPE” written front and center and I thought to myself, “Yes, hope! There is always hope!” Although I did not trip on the ball, I did stumble upon inspiration, HOPE! It brought a smile to my face.

The most heart-felt prayer I consistently ask God for is this: “Use me, guide me, please show me the way! May God’s will be done!” So, here I am, designing spiritual products hoping to bring a rich experience into the home as I continue to pray for direction.

I do know this much; I am complete, but I am not finished. The course is always changing, and I must bend like the river. Although we will have detours and bumps in the road, every seed planted along the way will eventually lead me to my destination. To be continued…



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