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Q. What is the Katie Scott brand?

A. We are a spiritual lifestyle brand. Our jewelry, apparel and home decor are designed to inspire your soul. My dream wasn’t to become a “designer,” it was to create a spiritual movement that will ignite your soul; encouraging you to live a purpose driven life. We want to redefine your shopping experience with products that bring a new meaning to the way you dress, meditate, decorate and live. Our premium quality products at an affordable cost are the new luxury of today, rich in spirit and love.

Q. Why do you want to inspire soulful living?

A. We focus on the application and benefits of spiritual living and the experience rather than theology. They all lead to God in the end, but we like to keep things simple, exciting and fun:

Intimacy with God yields divine direction.
Divine Direction guides purpose.
Purpose produces fulfillment, peace and love.

Q. What is Shop by Emotion?

A. We all love to shop, but at times, the buying experience can be overwhelming. We have access to resources but the editing process can be time consuming and confusing. We want to change the shopping experience by giving you an opportunity to “Shop by Emotion.” As you get dressed everyday and reach into your closet for your top, or a pair of earrings, how does that product inspire you? Does it have any meaning? We want you to feel inspired, from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep. Shopping by an emotion allows you to choose a product that can be a positive reminder in your life.

Q. What are the emotional and physical benefits of spiritual living?

A. Health is inner peace.

Spirit is already perfect, and it doesn’t require correction. The body only exists as a learning device for the mind, and only the mind can create correction and correction begins at the thought level. By placing your mind in God’s state of grace you begin to see through Christ’s vision which reflects strength rather than weakness, unity rather than separation, love rather than fear and light as opposed to darkness, all of which brings us peace.

Spirituality is also linked to many aspects of human functioning such as healthy relationships, high self esteem, self actualization and personal growth just to name a few.

Meditation, which is a component to spiritual living, is also known to manage and reduce the symptoms of conditions such as: anxiety, asthma, cancer, chronic pain, depression, heart disease and high blood pressure among many others.

Q. How do your products stimulate positive emotions?

A. Our products are designed from an emotional and spiritual point of view so they are not just “objects of beauty” but rather a source for soulful inspiration to create awareness.

Q. Why is awareness important?

A. Awareness is key in connecting to the divine because we can’t “physically see” or “audibly hear” God so we must utilize our senses to feel God. Surrounding yourself with positive and loving reminders creates awareness by stimulating your senses to connect to the divine, which awakens your mind to your true soul potential. You become your thoughts, and all things are possible to those who believe.